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Testosterone Replacement Therapy - our basic membership which includes oversight and prescribing, plus managing side effects and symptoms for men looking to replace low testosterone levels, and increase performance with our peptide therapies.

Erectile Dysfunction


Treating ED can be as easy as seeing your provider every 6 months to renew an Rx, or require a blended injection medication to be made custom for you, as well as require special training.

Weight Loss


Our weight loss programs include everything the patients need to succeed including medications, dieting, supplies, and training. All visits are included in each program. Wegovy/Monjaro have quickly become the most popular for their effectiveness. Evaluation required for qualification.

Urgent Care


For people who do not have a primary doctor, or are in between doctors, we offer limited primary care for selective services including colds/flus, refilling current meds, and physical exams.


*Custom Priced

Performance Medicine memberships are custom priced due to the needs of each individual. This can include building muscle, recovering from injury, sexual dysfunctions and even rare disease care. We will evaluate each prospective patient on a case by case basis.



Out of state patients may utilize our consultation services, peptides, and compounded prescriptions through Tele-Health.


Limitations Apply.

Is there a contract?

There is no contract when joining a MedClub® Membership. You may cancel at any time for any reason. A titration schedule will be given if needed at the time of cancellation. Cancellation can be done by phone or email before the next billing cycle occurs. 

What if I already have blood work?

Patients with existing labs no more than 6 months old may bring their labs to their initial consultation and receive $150 off. Labs must include PSA and Testosterone Total panels at minimum. 

What if I need multiple services?

Often patients will need to combine services from different tiers of service such as combining peptide therapies with TRT or adding ED treatment to their ongoing testosterone therapy, for this we will combine monthly membership tiers at a discounted rate.

How much does basic Testosterone cost to refill?

Everyone takes different dosages, and types of testosterone but the most common is Depo-Testosterone. A typical 10 week supply costs roughly $70-90 at most pharmacies.

How to I transfer from another provider?

The initial exam, full hormone blood workup, training, consultation, and prescribing for new TRT patients is $300. The only extra cost aside from this visit is the medication cost at the pharmacy. Pickup and Delivery of meds is available in most cases. 

How long do patients stay on TRT?

In most cases, men whose testosterone has decreased will not naturally increase with time or replacement. Testosterone can be taken long term safely if the proper management techniques are applied. In rare cases acute injuries/diseases can cause temporary hormone imbalances.

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