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Oxandralone Vs. Testosterone (Hormone Therapy Clinic)

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Oxandralone otherwise known as Anavar is a mild steroid used by men and women to build lean muscle, and regenerate tissue more rapidly than normally possible. It is also a dry anabolic steroid meaning it causes zero water retention which is a big plus. It is often the first steroid used by women looking to get into bodybuilding or simply obtain a chemical edge on the competition due to its low risk score. It is reliably safe with minimal side effects at an average dosage of 5mg-20mg in females and 25mg-50mg in males.

Oxandralone (Anavar) is a C17-aa steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone DHT.

Patients who use anavar typically heal much faster than patients who dont use it. That is why it is widely used post surgically.

Anavar does not cause progesterone or estrogen related side effects.

Anavar is very effective at getting rid of abdominal fat or visceral/subcutaneous fat.

A typical cycle is 20-60mg/day for 21 days with 7 days of rest in between cycles.

Side Effects

  1. Hepatotoxicity - Must take a liver supplement.

  2. Natural testosterone levels will crash, must take HCG during and post use

  3. Cholesterol levels may increase.

Now let's look at Testosterone

(Cypionate, Enanthate, Blends)

Testosterone is one of the most effective treatments for anti aging in men. It can increase sexual vitality and performance, but can have a negative impact long term on spermatagenosis (Creation of new sperm cells) due to testicular atrophy. This occurs when your body recognizes is has plenty of T, it stops making it's own and eventually that can become permanent. It is an easy fix, HCG will keep your body producing natural T to help combat the atrophy and obtain a healthy balance.

Testosterone helps with mental focus, sleep quality, and muscle mass. Patients can experience water retention without a proper diet and cardio exercise worked into the regiment. It can increase tissue development as well.

Testosterone is most effective when taken intramuscular in the leg or buttocks. Cypionate is a type of T that is less refined than others and cheaper, OK for most people but if a patient has had problems with hormonal hair loss or acne than Enanthate, the cleaner (more expensive) alternative is a better bet.

Testosterone is typically taken in a 150-250mg dose 2x per week to avoid crashing.

Side Effects

  1. Atrophy of the Testicals - Must take HCG

  2. Gynecomastia- must take Anastrazole

  3. Water retention

  4. Mood swings when taking high doses

  5. Can cause cardiac issue if dosage is too high

  6. Hair loss in some patients - use Finasteride to regulate the DHEA levels to prevent this.

We hope you found this interesting.

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