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Blepharospasm & - 4 Ways to Treat

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Blepharospasm or "twitching of the eye areas" is typically caused by a deficiency in magnesium or essential vitamins. It can also be caused by stress, caffein, bright light sensitivity, alcohol, and environmental irritants. Sometimes eyelid twitches can be caused by a benign fasciculation syndrome which is not dangerous at all. Some people will go down the internet search rabbit hole to find more serious neurological disorders that are commonly associated with muscle fatigue/weakness among other symptoms. These disorders are very rare, but a neurologist workup can easily eliminate these as a concern.

Treatments include:

  1. Neurotoxin injections to freeze the muscles causing the spasm.

  2. Magnesium supplements

  3. Eating a banana daily (we know, so simple)

  4. IV nutrient infusion or IV magnesium bag

  5. Breathing Based Meditations

Neurotoxins such as Botox® brand will work the fastest typically, but also come with the most risk. "Eyelid droop" can happen due to the proximity to the muscles that hold the eyebrow in place (orbicularis muscle group)

The best treatment is usually supplement based either through bananas or a store bought supplement brand such as Nutrient 950 which encapsulates pretty much everything you need in one supplement!

We recommend starting with 200mg per day of magnesium citrate, ginkgo-biloba, or a full Nutrient 950 regiment . Use THIS LINK to save 15% off MSRP on our favorite, laboratory tested supplements courtesy of Fullscript®!

We hope this article helps shed some light on Blepharospasm & benign fasciculation syndrome treatments and causes.

Stay Well!

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