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Botox or Dysport ? Which is Best?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

There are a few main differences between these brands of neurotoxins. The main difference being concentration upon reconstitution.

What is reconstitution?

... neurotoxins do not typically come as a liquid (already mixed in saline) they are made in powder or crystal form. Xeomin is the exception to this. They are reconstituted in the office before your visit.

Botox Recommended Concentration is 1:1

Dysport Recommended Concentration is 3:1

These are simply averages.

This means that if the providing physician is properly mixing the neurotoxin before use, the patient should need approximately 3x the amount of Dysport to Botox.

Some providers dilute differently, but this explains why the cost of one brand to another is so much different.

We personally prefer Botox and Jeaveau for its superior quality over quantity effects for cosmetic medicine and wrinkle reduction specifically.

We have found that Xeomin and Dysport are better applied to cases that require more fluid such as excessive perspiration treatments.

When you are treating wrinkles the muscles are being injected directly, if the saline outweighs the product 3:1 or even 4:1 you have greater risk that the neurotoxins will seep into muscles you don't want them to permeate. This can often result in eyelid droop and other problems.

Is eyelid droop permanent?

The short answer is NO.

Do not worry, when the neurotoxins wear off the muscles return to normal function, the bad news is that can take up to 4 months.

How much is Botox vs Dysport?

Prices are differ widely from $10-20 per unit for botox brand and jeaveau. Some providers charge by the area and typically have a minimum, area charges usually start at about $200 and can go up from there.

Dysport can be found for much cheaper because of the dilution. Prices range from $3-10 per unit. Area charges are widely used as well for this brand. The area prices are typically the same, around $200/area.

At MedClub we only use Botox and Jeaveau brands for their superior performance and safety when treating cosmetically for anti-aging.

To book appointments with our office please call the front desk. All injections done by Dr. Jenn herself.

Thank you for reading,

We hope to see you soon!

MedClub by Dr. Jenn

Palm Beach, FL


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